Love Your Hair

09 February, 2017
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Valentine’s Day celebrates the love-fest between spouses, partners, friends and grade-schoolers that want to see how many cards they can amass in one day. But we say, why not direct some of that adoration toward the top of your head? We’re talking hair love, an outpouring of devotion to the fragile follicles and delicate strands […]

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Winter-proof Your Hair

24 January, 2017
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Whether you live in upstate New York or (mostly) sunny Southern California, there isn’t a state on the map that doesn’t experience some sort of winter weather (OK, OK, Hawaii!) And from subzero actual outside temperatures to tropical-like indoor heating, our hair usually takes a hit. Here’s how to keep it looking great in all […]

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New Year New Hair

09 January, 2017
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As we start ’17 many (most?) of us will seriously consider a reassessment of our appearance after the Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve blur of food, cocktails, parties, travel, you name it. And the timing couldn’t be better, as a reboot of one’s diet, beauty and grooming routine can feel extremely refreshing during the cold, […]

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Edge of ‘17

23 December, 2016
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Coming this weekend: Saturday night and New Year’s Eve, one of the most major evenings of the year to totally bring it with your hair. A night to ditch the boring bun and stay away from the straightening iron because there are so many other fun, festive options that don’t require a ton of talent […]

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The Gift of Hair Renewal

05 December, 2016
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Forget random makeup kits, bubble bath sets and artsy-crafty printed socks (he’s never worn the ones from last year); give the holiday gift that everyone wants, incredible hair. We’re talking major league hair, instantly fuller, thicker and healthier from morning till night, 365-24-7. The gift of anti-aging/anti-thinning hair renewal that works at the molecular level, […]

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Holiday Travel Haircare

15 November, 2016
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Our favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, is next week and whether you’re taking a train, plane or automobile, the busiest travel day of the year can take its toll on your tresses. From random airplane cabin air to dry, heated car interiors your locks are subjected to a lot. And once you’ve reached your […]

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The Renessence Hair Results

08 November, 2016
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There are times when we all want to ‘blow our own horn’ and that’s exactly how we’re feeling these days! Because with the multitude of anti-aging and thinning hair care products available in every drugstore, supermarket and beauty outlet in America, Renessence stands apart for a variety of reasons. And none of them are more […]

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Putting a Halt to Hair Loss

28 October, 2016
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Just as there are various causes for thinning hair, there are also various methods that can help halt hair loss. Whether you’re a man who suffers from androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness, or a woman with a hormonal imbalance or accelerated emotional stress, the following are some important things you can [...] Read More

Halloween Hair 2016

25 October, 2016
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Dressing up in costume and trick or treating on Halloween is one of the highlights of childhood, second only to Christmas morning for many. But it’s never been exclusive to the 12-and-under set because dressing up and going out for a day/night on the town is also big fun for adults. With no shortage of [...] Read More

Fall Hair Trends

18 October, 2016
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A brisk afternoon breeze, chilly nights (chili dinners too!), cozy sweaters and colorful foliage signal that fall is truly here. And in this season of noticeable change, it’s time to talk about some great ways to change up your hair game. Whether you’re going for a modest modification or total transformation, our favorite fall hair [...] Read More