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Memorial Day Weekend Hair Musts

22 May, 2018
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Memorial Day weekend is just days away and as the kick-off to summer it beckons road trips, cookouts, taking that first dip into the pool, and more. However, the sizzle of early summer sun, heat and humidity can seriously harm your hair. But wait, no sweat! We’re here to tell you how to handle it […]

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Why Renessence Hair Care?

05 February, 2018
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Let’s cut to the chase. With thousands of shampoos, conditioners and serums in every drugstore, supermarket and mall in America, you may ask, why Renessence? Or, how could the Renessence Hair Renewal System possibly be any different from all the others? Let us count the ways… Renessence was created by a noted scientist, plastic surgeon […]

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Heatwave Hair Care

15 August, 2017
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We’re now in what is typically the hottest time of the year and it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, use skincare products with SPF at all times, and wear lightweight clothing. This same regimen should also apply to your hair, as simmering days with lots of heat and humidity can do some crazy damage. […]

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Putting a Halt to Hair Loss

28 October, 2016
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Just as there are various causes for thinning hair, there are also various methods that can help halt hair loss. Whether you’re a man who suffers from androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness, or a woman with a hormonal imbalance or accelerated emotional stress, the following are some important things you can [...] Read More

Halloween Hair 2016

25 October, 2016
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Dressing up in costume and trick or treating on Halloween is one of the highlights of childhood, second only to Christmas morning for many. But it’s never been exclusive to the 12-and-under set because dressing up and going out for a day/night on the town is also big fun for adults. With no shortage of [...] Read More

Fall Hair Trends

18 October, 2016
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A brisk afternoon breeze, chilly nights (chili dinners too!), cozy sweaters and colorful foliage signal that fall is truly here. And in this season of noticeable change, it’s time to talk about some great ways to change up your hair game. Whether you’re going for a modest modification or total transformation, our favorite fall hair [...] Read More

Millennial Hair Maintenance

10 October, 2016
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A new lob with luscious lowlights, going all out with allover platinum, a killer undercut pomaded to perfection; these are just a few of the hair decisions for the 18 to 30somethings of Generation Y, better known as Millennials. Yet there are far more serious matters on the minds of that set already experiencing thinning [...] Read More

Our Laundry List for Longer Hair

30 September, 2016
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It seems as if everyone’s doing it: growing out their hair, that is. Women and men alike are going for longer lengths not seen since the Seventies. And whether you’re going from a short crop to shoulder length, or long to longest, it’s important to keep hair in peak condition that’s conducive to healthy growth. [...] Read More

All-Inclusive Aging & Thinning Hair Care

15 September, 2016
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It’s inevitable that as our bodies age, so does our hair. With aging and thinning hair it's often challenging to care for and style, while simultaneously trying to keep what we have in top-notch condition. And since aging and thinning hair does not discriminate no matter one’s age, gender or ethnicity, we present the following antidotes [...] Read More

Habit-Forming Hair Care Tips

29 August, 2016
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Let’s face it, we don’t live in a wash-rinse-repeat kind of hair care world. Regular color treatments, frequent blow-drying/curling/straightening, and daily exposure to all sorts of elements require a routine of good hair habits to ensure optimum hair health and appearance. If the following hair care tips become good hair habits, we promise you’ll have […]

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