Dr. Brown’s Fall Haircare Tips

24 September, 2018
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“Fall is a season that’s much kinder to our hair,” states Renessence Creator/Founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown. “Summer ravaged hair gets some much-needed downtime in September, October and November, with cooler temperatures and less intensive sunlight. Another added benefit is that fall hair care requires a lot less maintenance than summertime hair.” Here are three […]

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All-American Haircare

02 July, 2018
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From coast to coast, the July 4 holiday is summer celebrating at its best. From barbecuing, beach going and boating, to family picnics, fun with friends and, of course, fireworks, there’s no shortage of people to see and things to do. And with all of that activity and socializing, you’re going to want to ensure […]

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Ask Dr. Brown

28 March, 2018
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Pioneer of the first skincare line created by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown has applied his expertise to hair care with the creation of Renessence Hair. With a distinguished history of understanding the role of biotechnology in medical practice as a surgeon, creating a quantum shift in the treatment of burns and unstable […]

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Spring Cleaning (& Conditioning & Rejuvenating!)

06 March, 2018
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Weather-wise it’s been a wild winter, with extreme fluctuations in temperatures (wool coats one day, polos the next), along with practically no precipitation in some areas, to near-weekly nor’easters. All of which when combined with indoor heating, and in some cases air conditioning, typically results in hair that requires serious, season-ending cleansing, conditioning and rejuvenating. […]

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May Days

12 May, 2017
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It’s already the middle of the month and Memorial Day is rapidly approaching, which means summer is almost here. And while we all look forward to a fun-filled season that features vacation getaways and weekend uniforms of shorts and tees, summer’s more carefree attitude doesn’t mean you can also take it easy on your hair […]

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What’s Your Type?

21 April, 2017
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We’re all born with different types of hair, whether stick straight or tightly wound, bright blonde or deep brunette, fine and fragile or relentlessly voluminous. And as our bodies age, so does our hair no matter its type. As experts in the care and treatment of aging and thinning hair, we believe it’s extremely important […]

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A Recipe for Healthy Hair

27 February, 2017
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Frizzy and fried, thin and lifeless? The condition of your hair can be an important indicator of what’s going on inside your body, especially as it relates to your diet. In fact, the cells that make up each hair strand require a regular supply of key nutrients found in the foods we eat. And while […]

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Love Your Hair

09 February, 2017
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Valentine’s Day celebrates the love-fest between spouses, partners, friends and grade-schoolers that want to see how many cards they can amass in one day. But we say, why not direct some of that adoration toward the top of your head? We’re talking hair love, an outpouring of devotion to the fragile follicles and delicate strands […]

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Winter-proof Your Hair

24 January, 2017
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Whether you live in upstate New York or (mostly) sunny Southern California, there isn’t a state on the map that doesn’t experience some sort of winter weather (OK, OK, Hawaii!) And from subzero actual outside temperatures to tropical-like indoor heating, our hair usually takes a hit. Here’s how to keep it looking great in all […]

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New Year New Hair

09 January, 2017
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As we start ’17 many (most?) of us will seriously consider a reassessment of our appearance after the Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve blur of food, cocktails, parties, travel, you name it. And the timing couldn’t be better, as a reboot of one’s diet, beauty and grooming routine can feel extremely refreshing during the cold, […]

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