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New Year New Hair

09 January, 2017
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As we start ’17 many (most?) of us will seriously consider a reassessment of our appearance after the Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve blur of food, cocktails, parties, travel, you name it. And the timing couldn’t be better, as a reboot of one’s diet, beauty and grooming routine can feel extremely refreshing during the cold, hard reality of January, especially as it relates to the great game changer: hair. Henceforth, our hacks to help you have your best hair year ever.

Cut it. Nothing – and we mean nothing – signals a fresh start like a haircut. The shy of heart can go gently yet instantly transformative with bangs, a rapid refresher that’ll shave years off your appearance and make hair look thicker. Or how about a few more inches to take long hair to the ultimate hairstyle statement worn by celebrities and social media superstars alike, the mid-length lob? And for the truly bold, chop your locks into a chic, chin-length bob or super-short crop (it’s all the rage for spring). Whatever your taste or style we say go for it and remember, whether you opt for a makeover cut or not, everyone should get a trim every 4-6 weeks to minimize split ends and breakage for healthier, stronger hair.

Color it. Subtle, sensuous lowlights; sunny, bright highlights; head turning, allover platinum; these are the easiest (and most fun!) ways to transform dull winter hair in desperate need of change. And there are a myriad of options we love: from model and A-lister favorite Balayage, which gives a gorgeous healthy finish that looks natural, glossy and expensive, to Instagram-busting Tiger’s Eye, a daring pattern of bronze, gold, and dark brown stripes. Not only will these supercharge your look, they instantly add dimension and texture for denser, thicker-looking hair. However, a word to the wise: leave this to the salon experts because it’s next to impossible to get great-looking results at home.

Nourish it. A fresh start ultimately requires a proven, effective cleansing/conditioning/renewing regimen. The specifics:

• Clean hair and scalp are very important, especially for those with aging (read: all of us) and thinning hair. Dirt, dead cells, oil, sebum and excess product wreaks havoc on the hair and scalp and can even lead to thinning and hair loss. Harsh sulfates/paraben-free Renessence Follicle Forever Strengthening Shampoo gently and thoroughly cleanses.

• Conditioning after cleansing is important at it seals the cuticle, keeping moisture in the hair shaft for a longer period of time for hair that’s softer, more manageable and less prone to breakage. Our lightweight Follicle Forever Thickening Conditioner increases volume, shine and manageability, with follicles rejuvenated and prepped for renewal and regrowth.

• The year ahead should also include every effort on your part to ensure healthy hair growth, no matter your age, gender or hair condition. Renessence Follicle Forever Renewal Serum with Mirroirté is a revolutionary formula that promotes rejuvenation at the molecular level with a proprietary blend of ingredients that stimulate follicular stem cells to decrease hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp. The results: resurrection and maintenance of hair growth and overall hair health.