Love Your Hair

09 February, 2017
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Valentine’s Day celebrates the love-fest between spouses, partners, friends and grade-schoolers that want to see how many cards they can amass in one day. But we say, why not direct some of that adoration toward the top of your head? We’re talking hair love, an outpouring of devotion to the fragile follicles and delicate strands that take a lot from us on a daily basis. Consider the following hair care tips and tricks our Valentine to you ♥.

Shampoo dos.

Soak, scrub and rinse, right? WRONG. As with everything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to cleanse (naturally, our Follicle Forever® Strengthening Shampoo is the only product you need), especially if so on a daily basis, and this is the right way:

• Use a quarter-size amount of shampoo, beginning at the scalp, lathering from roots to ends with vertical strokes, never circular, which can tangle.
• Never scrub hair as it damages the fragile cuticle, resulting in breakage and in some cases hair loss.
• Rinse with cool water, which closes the cuticle, resulting in shinier, healthier-looking locks.

Smooth maneuver.

It’s important to recognize when your hair needs some TLC. Let’s start with dry, split ends, which can lead to full-fledged fallout as the hair shaft splits upward to the root. And for styling junkies, your daily blow-drying, heat styling and product application are most definitely taking their toll. One word: condition. Conditioning helps seal moisture in the cuticles to fight frizz and it prevents hair breakage, as the cuticle is particularly dry and brittle this time of year. Enter Renessence Follicle Forever® Thickening Conditioner, a volumizing moisturizer that renews dry, damaged hair as it restores shine and manageability.

Rejuvenation regimen.

A healthy head of hair is comprised of approximately 100,000 individual hairs with their respective follicles, and while you’d think that hair growth is one continuous process, it actually enters various stages of growth and rest. At any given point in time roughly 85% of hair is actively growing – the anagen phase – while the remaining 15% – the telogen phase – is not. Importantly, prolonged telogen, which is an extended resting state, can lead to permanent hair loss. Our Follicle Forever® Renewal Serum combats prolonged telogen, ensuring the anagen growth phase is maintained, with dormant and/or dying follicles resurrected.