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August is Hair Loss Awareness Month and while hair loss for men is perceived as most common, it’s quite prevalent with women as well. In fact, 40% of women experience some form of hair loss throughout their lifetimes, yet it’s a condition many are still hesitant to acknowledge and/or do something about. The scariest part? […]

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Nothing beats escaping the sweltering summer heat than catching a movie. Theaters are dark & cool & your favorite snacks are always at hand. And not only are they entertaining relief from the weather, movies keep us up to date on the latest styles & trends. Here’s a look back at some fun classics with hairstyles that made them […]

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Ahhh, summer… sun-drenched days when the living seems so much easier. However, these halcyon days often bring hair snafus as the temperatures spike. Fine, thin hair becomes limp and lifeless, while thicker manes get enormously out of control thanks to high temps and humidity. Have no fear, here are 3 tips to keep your hair […]

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3 tips for fuller, thicker-looking hair

06 November, 2014
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Making the Cut. The right haircut plays a pivotal role in how thick your hair appears to the naked eye, especially if you have fine and/or thinning hair.  One-length hair styles, especially those that fall below the shoulders, will make hair appear limp and lifeless.  We’re all about a multiple layered haircut − for both […]

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Our Favorites

16 October, 2014
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Tucking In. One of the coolest beauty/fashion trends for fall is hair tucked into the season’s hottest top, the turtleneck. Casually tucking your hair into a turtleneck – a la this version from J. Crew – is a slightly irreverent, yet totally chic look that also does double duty to camouflage a less than perfect hair […]

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