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What’s Your Type?

21 April, 2017
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We’re all born with different types of hair, whether stick straight or tightly wound, bright blonde or deep brunette, fine and fragile or relentlessly voluminous. And as our bodies age, so does our hair no matter its type. As experts in the care and treatment of aging and thinning hair, we believe it’s extremely important for you to know the proper regimen to keep your hair looking its best no matter your age, gender or ethnicity, for the three common hair types as follows.


Hair that’s straight tends to fall away from the scalp smoothly and is typically quite glossy as the natural oils work their way from the roots to the ends. Unfortunately that can also mean lack of volume at the top, as is usually the case, which gives straight hair a very flat and oftentimes oily appearance, even when it’s not. How to keep it looking tiptop on a regular basis? Shampoo daily with a gentle cleanser to eliminate oil, along with other debris such as dead cells, sebum and product buildup, that can weigh straight hair down. Our Follicle Forever® Strengthening Shampoo literally vacuums the hair follicle of that debris, clearing the path for transformative renewal.


Curly hair is the most voluminous of all hair types and its thickness can range from fine to coarse, making it hard to control from one day to the next. It can sometimes appear enormous while at others seems to have shrunk in size. Curly hair also frizzes more than any other type and is extremely prone to dryness, so it’s key to condition after shampooing and once a week with a deep moisturizing mask. Renessence Follicle Forever® Thickening Conditioner is an exceptional conditioning moisturizer that delivers essential nutrients to the hair for superior volume, shine and manageability. And remember to always use a sulfate-free heat protectant spray before styling your curls with a diffusor.


How lucky you wavy-haired ladies and gentlemen are! This hair type is the perfect hybrid of curly and straight, and is hands down the easiest to manage. Typically comprised of s-shaped curls the entire length of the hair shaft, wavy tresses are extremely flexible to style whether you leave them to air dry or choose to tame a bit with heat activated tools. The only drawbacks are occasionally oiliness at the scalp and ends, along with dryness and a bit of frizz on the ends.

The best regimen for taking care of waves is multiple shampoos throughout the week, followed by a light conditioning, along with a twice-monthly deep conditioning for added softness and manageability. And while you’re at it, keep those waves intact with our anti-aging, anti-thinning Follicle Forever® Renewal Serum, a revolutionary daily treatment to maintain overall hair health.