The Mane Event

04 February, 2016
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In honor of Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 we’re saluting the gridiron greats of hair, namely the quarterbacks, whose strands have scored big time on and off the field throughout the years. From the ‘60s to today, here with our picks for the NFL’s hairstyle MVPs… Joe Montana With ‘80s blow-dried, brush cut perfection, 4-time Super [...] Read More

Resolution Solutions

07 January, 2016
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Another New Year is here and if you’re like most of us, we bet sooner or later you’ll be taking a serious assessment of your appearance, including your hair. Whether you’re a woman or a man, have thin or thick, dry or limp, short, long – you name it – hair, you’re likely rethinking your […]

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Harvest Hair

10 November, 2015
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/ By Bill

A lot of us have been enjoying Indian summer conditions lately, but in reality autumn is here. And we’re here to help you transition your hair into sweater weather (and beyond).  First, the good news: fall hair care is much simpler than summer maintenance.  However, the change in temperature outside along with the heated air […]

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Hair Scare!

29 October, 2015
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/ By Bill

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year because any holiday that involves dressing up and consuming mass amounts of candy is OK with us! From adorable tykes trick or treating as princesses and superheroes, to adult revelers wearing everything from McDonald’s fries to ‘sexy Donald Trump’ (yep, that’s a real costume this year), […]

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In The Mix

16 September, 2015
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Essential to the efficacy of Renessence Hair are our key ingredients, all of which have been specifically selected and scientifically formulated to a) address your aging and/or thinning hair concerns and b), deliver the most amazing-looking hair possible. These important ingredients are literally the foundation of Renessence and what distinguish us from the multitudes of […]

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31 August, 2015
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Women and men with aging and thinning hair are on a constant quest to find the cuts and styles that will enhance their less-than-stellar strands. Search no further because we’ve done the footwork and present the following styling tricks to make your hair look fuller and thicker in no time. Bang bang. We’ve said it […]

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Not for Men Only

17 August, 2015
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August is Hair Loss Awareness Month and while hair loss for men is perceived as most common, it’s quite prevalent with women as well. In fact, 40% of women experience some form of hair loss throughout their lifetimes, yet it’s a condition many are still hesitant to acknowledge and/or do something about. The scariest part? […]

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Film Follicles

29 July, 2015
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Nothing beats escaping the sweltering summer heat than catching a movie. Theaters are dark & cool & your favorite snacks are always at hand. And not only are they entertaining relief from the weather, movies keep us up to date on the latest styles & trends. Here’s a look back at some fun classics with hairstyles that made them […]

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Heat Advisory

17 July, 2015
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Ahhh, summer… sun-drenched days when the living seems so much easier. However, these halcyon days often bring hair snafus as the temperatures spike. Fine, thin hair becomes limp and lifeless, while thicker manes get enormously out of control thanks to high temps and humidity. Have no fear, here are 3 tips to keep your hair […]

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Hair Fare

17 June, 2015
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Did you know that the food you eat can affect your hair as much as the products you put on it? It’s true, what you digest on a daily basis can do a great deal […]

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