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In The Mix

16 September, 2015
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Essential to the efficacy of Renessence Hair are our key ingredients, all of which have been specifically selected and scientifically formulated to a) address your aging and/or thinning hair concerns and b), deliver the most amazing-looking hair possible.

These important ingredients are literally the foundation of Renessence and what distinguish us from the multitudes of other anti-aging hair care products.

Mirroirte® is our custom-formulated, proprietary master ingredient found in Follicle Forever Renewal Serum, the cornerstone of the Renessence Hair Renewal System. This revolutionary bioengineered molecule stimulates dormant stem cells to resurrect a dying hair follicle and takes it from its resting (telogen) phase to the growth (anagen) phase, resulting in regrowth. Additionally, this is the most natural of all cosmetics as all of the active ingredients are naturally occurring human peptides that dissipate with age but can be recreated biosynthetically.

Capixyl™ is another power player formulated within the serum and a unique anti-aging ingredient that both prevents and stops the hair loss process, while stimulating new growth. Clinical data shows it’s a safe alternative to Minoxidil®, the drug contained in several over-the-counter hair growth products.

Procapil™ anchors the hair and increases blood stimulation within the scalp, which provides for healthier growing hair as formulated in our Follicle Forever Strengthening Shampoo.

Biotin enhances flexibility and strengthens hair, as it intensifies new growth via follicle nourishment; its counterpart B-vitamin Niacin boosts scalp circulation and repairs existing hair damage. Both are found in Renessence Follicle Forever Strengthening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner.

And just as important as what’s in our shampoo, conditioner and serum is what’s not, the following of which you’ll never find in Renessence:

Formaldehyde – A preservative that can be toxic to the immune and nervous systems.
Parabens – Preservatives that are hormone disrupters and which can be carcinogenic.
Phthalates – Softening agents that also interfere with hormonal function and metabolism.
Harsh Sulfates – Foaming agents that are irritants to the eyes, skin and hair and can also strip the hair and skin of important natural oils.