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Harvest Hair

10 November, 2015
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/ By Bill

A lot of us have been enjoying Indian summer conditions lately, but in reality autumn is here. And we’re here to help you transition your hair into sweater weather (and beyond).  First, the good news: fall hair care is much simpler than summer maintenance.  However, the change in temperature outside along with the heated air inside can confuse your hair, most notably its condition.  Here are a few hair care tips to keep your hair looking its best all autumn long:

Keep it clean.

Banish all traces of your summer styling routine, from volumizers and sea salt sprays to leave-in treatments and SPF protectants.  Rid your hair and scalp of damaging buildup with a mega-cleansing shampoo, such as our Follicle Forever Shampoo, which literally vacuums the hair follicle, clearing it of all debris for transformative renewal and regrowth.

Condition, condition, condition.

The same dry, itchy skin we get with colder weather affects our hair exactly the same. Maintain a daily routine of conditioning after shampooing, as well as adding a weekly hair mask, as both will keep your hair soft, supple and manageable.  Try Renessence Follicle Forever Thickening Conditioner, which delivers essential nutrients for superior volume, shine and manageability.

Go dark.

Lighter, sun-kissed hair is a summer staple, but those highlights fade and go dull as the weather gets colder.  Take your hair a shade or two darker for fall with caramel hues if you’re blonde and natural-looking high and low-lights if you’re brunette.  Not only will your hair look healthier and fuller, it’ll punch up your seasonally paler complexion for a great-looking glow.

Style savers.

A summer of heat and sun exposure equals dry, damaged hair, so now’s the time for a cut.  Whether a trim to eliminate split ends or a full-on fresh new style, a haircut is an instant hair refresher (and mood enhancer).  Another tip: give the ponytail a rest.  This favorite summer style pulls the hair, which causes breakage that gets worse as the weather gets colder and your hair is dryer.