31 August, 2015
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Women and men with aging and thinning hair are on a constant quest to find the cuts and styles that will enhance their less-than-stellar strands. Search no further because we’ve done the footwork and present the following styling tricks to make your hair look fuller and thicker in no time.

bingbangBang bang.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; nothing makes your hair look thicker (and your face younger) than cutting bangs. The best bang for this transformation?  A long blunt cut that skims the eyebrows.

Chop chop.chopchop

The haircut of the year, the lob (long bob) will make your hair look thicker simply by getting rid of excess weight on the ends, weight which drags down hair and makes it appear even thinner.  Add a few face-framing layers for a fresh, modern look.

colorplayColor play.

Add dimension to your hair with color. Changing your base color and adding highlights gives the hair more texture for denser, thicker-looking hair.  Leave this to the experts though because it’s next to impossible to get healthy, natural looking results at home.

Short and sweet.shortsweet1

Guys, it’s best to stay short. But, depending on the extent of your thinning, you do have options. For all over thinning, hair should be cropped ¾” to 1” in length to look its fullest; also ask your barber or stylist to remove any excess bulk around bald spots.

shortsweet2Receding hairlines should be kept around 2” and textured with subtle layers and/or a bit of spike. When styling, stick to lightweight creams, mousses and pastes, as heavy gels can weigh down fine hair.