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Heat Advisory

17 July, 2015
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Summer_Hair_CareAhhh, summer… sun-drenched days when the living seems so much easier. However, these halcyon days often bring hair snafus as the temperatures spike. Fine, thin hair becomes limp and lifeless, while thicker manes get enormously out of control thanks to high temps and humidity. Have no fear, here are 3 tips to keep your hair looking stylish and cool despite stagnant summer heat.



Since hair is made up of about 10% water, it’s important to ensure it doesn’t dehydrate when it’s hot outside. At the beach, at outdoor events, whatever casual environment you’re in, keep a spritzer of H2o on hand at all times and lightly spray your hair. Remember it gets thirsty just like we do.



Have your stylist cut layers to eliminate bulk and ensure greater control. For ladies it’s all about a tousled, beach-y look with soft layering throughout, while guys should go for THE haircut of 2015, the undercut, cropped close on the sides with a bit more volume on top. Both of these are easy, low maintenance styles that won’t wilt in the summer sun.


Lighten up.

Give the heavy styling products a rest. Not only do they weigh your hair down, they cause buildup at the roots, which can damage the all-important hair follicle. In the summer months less is definitely more so we say let your style flow as naturally and product-free as possible. With the exception of lightweight, hair renewing Renessence, of course 😉