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Habit-Forming Hair Care Tips

29 August, 2016
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Let’s face it, we don’t live in a wash-rinse-repeat kind of hair care world. Regular color treatments, frequent blow-drying/curling/straightening, and daily exposure to all sorts of elements require a routine of good hair habits to ensure optimum hair health and appearance. If the following hair care tips become good hair habits, we promise you’ll have beautiful and healthy hair throughout the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

The cutoff point.

Habit-Forming Hair Care TipsFor women and men alike, strong and healthy hair that promotes new growth requires a standing appointment with your stylist for a cut; even when you’re growing out your hair. We’re not talking extreme transformations (although that’s OK too); we mean frequent trims and maintenance cuts for maximum hair health. Not only will they keep your hair looking fuller and thicker, regular trims every 6-8 weeks minimize split ends and breakage – resulting in longer, stronger hair.

Weekend rest.

Habit-Forming Hair Care TipsAfter a week of steady shampooing, product application, and heat styling, give your hair the weekend off with Saturday and Sunday recuperation time from the previous week’s wear and tear. Late summer is the perfect time to air-dry your hair, which we highly recommend – hello sexy beach waves! – and by all means avoid heat styling tools if at all possible. Let your locks flow freely as tight ponytails and headbands pull the hair shaft, which can lead to breakage. For more summertime hair care tips click here.

Protein pack.

Habit-Forming Hair Care TipsAs the building block of hair, protein is key to healthy hair since the hair fiber itself is keratinized protein. And ensuring that you’re eating enough high protein foods at mealtime is very beneficial for the health and appearance of your hair. Whether chicken, fish and eggs, or almonds, cottage cheese, and oatmeal, there’s plenty of delicious protein-packed foods to choose from, regardless if you’re a meat eater or vegetarian. For more hair-friendly fare click here.

Cool water.

Habit-Forming Hair Care TipsAfter a long day it feels so good – no, make that great – to indulge in a long hot shower. Tired joints, a sore back and grungy hair all seem to melt away in the relaxing, steamy heat. However, that insanely hot water you’re showering in is not so great for your hair. It dries out your hair and for those with color-treatments, it washes away the color much faster. Cool it down with a lukewarm shower instead, and don’t forget our Follicle Forever® Strengthening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Habit-Forming Hair Care TipsYou’re probably not even aware of it but at some point throughout the day and/or night, whether it’s down time at work, waiting in line for a movie or watching TV, you’re unnecessarily handling your hair. Twisting, twirling and pulling it back into a pencil-held pony all involve tugging and added pressure on the hair shaft, which is bad, bad, bad. Constantly pulling on the hair over time can lead to breakage and in extreme cases hair loss.


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