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How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair

25 July, 2016
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As we’re winding down the hottest month of the year, much of the country is in the throws of an intense heat wave. With heat indexes and temperatures breaking 100°, it’s important to protect yourself by staying hydrated, wearing light clothing, and using extra SPF when outdoors. That said, similar protective measures should also be applied when you care for your hair, as excessive heat and humidity can definitely do damage. Here are our top tips for how to prevent and combat heat damaged hair.

How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair

Cleanse Frequently

Summer heat and humidity can make your hair feel dirty faster; even a walk across the street is cause to break a sweat. In fact, on hot summer days, excess sebum is produced on the scalp, which can make your hair extra oily. The solution? Shampoo frequently with a gentle shampoo free of parabens and harsh sulfates to keep it clean and healthy throughout the summer. Our Follicle Forever® Strengthening Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that removes harmful debris – dead cells, oil, sebum, and product buildup – clearing the path for healthy renewal and regrowth.

Condition Constantly

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that intense summer UV rays can seriously dry out and damage your hair, so conditioning is key. The following are just a few reasons summer conditioning is important:

  • It helps seal moisture in the cuticles of the hair to ensure summer heat doesn’t completely fry your hair.
  • It prevents hair breakage, as the cuticle is particularly dry and brittle from summer heat and sun.

Renessence Follicle Forever® Thickening Conditioner is a volumizing moisturizer that renews dry, damaged hair as it restores shine and manageability.

How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair
How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair

Snip the Split Ends

It’s inevitable that dry, brittle summer hair will result in split ends. And with the sun causing extra damage to hair that’s already dry, it’s important to remove then as the split often continues upward, sometimes all the way up to the root. Getting a trim every six to eight weeks is recommended to prevent further damage, as well as help enable healthy new hair growth.

Apply UV-Blocking Hair Products

You use sunscreen on your skin to prevent burns so the same should be applied to your hair and scalp. There are a myriad of products available to choose from, most of which are finishing products such as UV-based hairsprays or leave-in conditioners.  Also invest in a scalp sunscreen, whether a spray or a lightweight leave-in conditioner both are designed to shield the scalp while providing additional moisture to hair. DIY types can be a mixture of one part paraben/sulfate-free sunscreen with two parts water and lightly spritz on prior to sun exposure.

How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair
How to Combat Heat Damaged Hair

Wear a Hat, Cap, or Scarf

When spending a considerable amount of time outside in the summer sun, wearing some sort of head covering is one of the best ways to protect your hair from harmful rays. Whether a sassy straw fedora, a classic canvas bucket hat, or a sporty cotton baseball number, you’ll look cool while beating the heat and allowing your hair and scalp some down time from the sun. Keep in mind that the sun can still shine through certain straw hats, so wear protective product underneath.

Combat Heat Damaged Hair

The summer heat most definitely takes a toll, so be sure to keep hair safe and help it grow by following these preventative measures to assist in preventing heat-damaged hair, as well as to assist with healthy hair renewal and regrowth. For more about our Renessence hair renewal products, click here to browse our shop. Looking for a store that carries our products near you? Check out our retail partner listings here.