TV Mom Hair Hall of Fame

04 May, 2016
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She’s always there to make breakfast before school, help with homework and tuck in at night all the while (usually) looking flawless. Whether in retro black and white or living color, the TV moms we grew up with have a special place in our hearts. Of course for us those with signature hairstyles also made them memorable, and for this Mother’s Day we share some of our favorites.

Lucy Ricardo
The iconic redhead who still makes us laugh delivered Little Ricky in one of the most watched TV episodes of all time in 1953’s “Lucy Goes to the Hospital”.

Carol Brady
The mother with the mullet good-naturedly juggled six rowdy kids and always seemed to have fun doing it, making all of us watching wish we were part of the Brady Bunch.

Peg Bundy
A lazy, tacky yet completely lovable sitcom mom whose ‘80s tangle of teased red hair never changed during 11 years on the air! And while Katey Sagal’s Peg was a comedic gem, that character is just one facet of this multi-talented performer.

Marge Simpson
As mother to three of the most precocious kids on TV, cartoon Marge has made us smile for almost 30 years without a hair on her towering blue ‘do out of place.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
She’s loud, feisty and never ceases to create chaos in every situation, all the while sporting her signature cascade of silky, gorgeous hair. And while we adore Sofia Vergara’s Gloria portrayal, we also love seeing the actress dazzle on the red carpet.