The Renessence Difference

24 March, 2016
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You may be asking yourself how the Renessence Hair Renewal System is different from other anti-aging hair care products on the market.  First and foremost, Renessence is both a preventative and an antidote for aging and thinning hair, simultaneously nurturing all hair types – no matter your age and whether you’re thinning or not – to help you keep the hair you have longer. Read on for everything else you need to know about how we deliver fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

Renessence is the only hair care product created by a noted plastic surgeon and scientist, one whose deep understanding of molecular biology led to his introduction of the first consumer skincare product to successfully merge biotechnology with beauty.

His skincare line revolutionized the cosmetics industry forever, and it is those groundbreaking biological discoveries and formulas that are the foundation of Renessence.

Why Renessence hair growth products

Renessence attacks the 3 primary culprits of aging and thinning hair:

  • Hormonal DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone that causes hair loss in both men and women)
  • follicle dormancy and/or death
  • circulatory deficiency 

Renessence is for everyone:

  • Formulated for men and women at the same strength level
  • For all ages, as aging and thinning hair occurs over the course of a lifetime
  • For all ethnicities
Hair Growth Products

Follicle Forever® Renewal Serum − the exclusive cornerstone of Renessence − is entirely unique:

  • Its revolutionary, Biorenewal-Stem Cell-Complex resuscitates dormant and/or dying follicles by stimulating follicular stem cells
  • Is the first-ever hair loss product to work at the molecular level, utilizing stem cell technology
  • Unlike other hair loss serums on the market, its application is:
    1. A no-drip formula that dries withing 5 minutes
    2. User-friendly on either damp or dry hair
    3. Compatible with the use of styling products upon drying
  • Is not a drug yet is as effective as hair loss products that are
  • Requires no FDA regulations
  • Has no harmful side effects, as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream