Summer-Proof Your Hair

13 May, 2016
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We’ve been waiting for it since Labor Day, the season of shorts and tees and fun in the sun, and it’s almost here: summer! However, the season’s more carefree attitude doesn’t mean you can dial down your hair care routine, quite the contrary. From the drying effects of chlorinated and salt water to excessive exposure to damaging UV rays, summer means extra TLC for your tresses, such as:

Cleanse gently.
Whether going to the pool, picnicking, or simply taking a walk, we’re going to end up breaking a sweat, meaning we’ll end up washing our hair more often. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo, one that’s free of harsh chemicals which can dry out your hair, especially with more frequent washes. Our sulfate-free Follicle Forever® Strengthening Shampoo is a great choice.

Moisturize constantly.
The sun’s UV rays break down keratin, the key structural component of hair, harshly drying out strands, while swimming in chlorinated pools and ocean salt water dries by depleting the scalp’s natural oils. Pool goers should pre-treat with coconut oil to prevent chlorine absorption, while those heading to the beach should take a leave-in conditioner and use it often, especially after swimming.

Color guard.
More vulnerable in summer than any other season, color treated blondes turn ashy while brunettes become brassy, due to melanin-damaging UV and chlorine that alter color and cause it to fade. For pool or beach days, keep colored hair out of the sun altogether a la a swimming cap and hat, otherwise spray exposed strands with a homemade mixture of conditioner (Renessence Follicle Forever® Thickening Conditioner works wonders) and water.

Scalp savers.
The sensitive scalp also requires protection against UV rays, as a burn is both damaging and painful. Invest in a scalp sunscreen, whether a spray or a lightweight leave-in conditioner, which are designed to shield the scalp while providing additional moisture to hair. DIY types can mix one part paraben/sulfate-free sunscreen with two parts water and lightly spritz on prior to sun exposure.

Simply snipped.
An easy summer cut will free you from the blow dryer, flat iron and an excess of styling products. For ladies with thick hair, layered and just below the shoulders is best; those with fine or thin hair should embrace a one-length blunt cut; curly hair should be cut with lots of layers to eliminate bulk; and wavy hair can accommodate anything from a short crop to a shoulder-grazing shag. Guys, whatever your hair texture and condition, keep it cropped super short for a cool, low-maintenance look.