Picture Perfect Hair

01 July, 2016
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There’s no denying that we all want it…perfect hair. And whether you’re a woman or a man, a student or a senior, there’s nothing like a good hair day – make that a perfect hair day – to make you feel like a million bucks. The kind of hair that looks fuller, thicker, and healthier from roots to ends, picture perfect and selfie-worthy from every angle. How to get perfect hair, you ask? Here are some starters.

  • Eggs – Rich in Biotin, which works double duty on behalf of hair growth and overall scalp health, as well as a good dose of healthy hair essentials – iron and protein.
  • Seafood – Salmon, fresh tuna, halibut, oysters and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats our bodies can’t produce on their own. Not only do these fish protect from illness and disease, but the body needs them to grow full, shiny, healthy hair.
  • Spinach – Loaded with amazing nutrients such as vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, folate and iron, all of which work in tandem for a healthy scalp and hair. Plus, they moisturize to help prevent breakage.

Lower the heat.
Your trusty blow dryer, curling iron and straight iron may temporarily result in luxuriously wavy locks or smooth, shiny strands but they’re simultaneously doing damage. Excessive use of any tool that heats is going to cause the hair to become dry and brittle, with split ends. Here are some tricks to dial down the damage:

  • Use high quality dryers, irons and straighteners that have multiple settings – beware of only ‘on’ and ‘off’ – the best of which are professional models available at beauty supply stores.
  • Whichever tool(s) you use, turn the temperature down to its lowest setting – especially if you have fine, fragile or thinning hair.
  • To protect your hair while styling with irons, work quickly and don’t use for more than a few seconds per section.
  • Prior to use, apply a heat protectant to shield from thermal damage, avoiding those which contain frizz-inducing alcohols.
  • Professional advice is always helpful, so ask your stylist for tips using your tool of choice and if he/she can show you shortcuts or new styling techniques.