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Hollywood Hair

29 February, 2016
/ Comments Off on Hollywood Hair
/ By Bill

It was the entertainment event of the year and we had our eyes fully focused on the best follicles to grace the red carpet at last night’s Oscars. Would Brie be sporting long and lustrous or an elegant updo? Cate with curls or sleek and straight? It was a night that did not disappoint, and since all of us have a bit of Monday morning fashion quarterback in us, we share are our picks for best in show:

Brie Larson
The golden girl of the awards season, she took home the big prize last night and wowed us with a sleek half-up/half-down ‘do that was sheer artistry from the back, a mix of beautiful ornamentation and a cascade of spectacular, shiny hair.

Jennifer Lawrence
A hair chameleon in the making – short and sun-kissed one moment, slicked back and edgy another – J-Law’s shiny, semi-platinum lob was completely of-the-moment and perfect for her playful personality.

Cate Blanchett
A thoroughly modern look that gives a serious nod to old Hollywood elegance in all its glory, she had six inches cut for the glamorous, deep side-parted short bob she premiered last night.

Margot Robbie
Tousled beachy, natural-looking hair that was fresh and very sexy, she wowed with this winning look, the perfect accompaniment to her drop dead golden gown.

Sofia Vergara
The way to do a formal ponytail, her luscious long hair was perfectly parted down the middle with a bit of pouf in the crown and gathered low at the nape of the neck to reveal those wondrous waves of hers.

Eddie Redmayne
Ever since Jared Leto cut his glorious locks there’s been little to note on the guys’ side, however, we think this English charmer has the best of the bunch; thick, healthy, well groomed and appropriately rakish.