All-American Hair

27 June, 2016
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From coast to coast, the upcoming July 4th weekend is sure to be summer celebrating at its best. From barbecuing, beach going and boating, to family picnics, fun with friends and, of course, fireworks, there’s no shortage of people to see and things to do. And with all of that activity and socializing, you’re going to want to ensure your 4th of July hair is looking its healthiest, all-American best. Here are our three tips to guarantee independence from ho-hum holiday weekend hair.

  • Use a quarter-size amount of shampoo, beginning at the scalp, lathering from roots to ends with vertical strokes, never circular, which can tangle.
  • Never scrub hair as this damages the fragile cuticle, resulting in breakage and in some cases hair loss.

Show Off Your 4th of July Hair
You can swan dive off the high board, grill like Bobby Flay, and make a mean potato salad, so why not show off a killer head of hair this holiday weekend? Resist the urge to pull it into a ponytail or cover with a cap, and flaunt it! Go big or go home with a major league blonde mane, unleash a cascade of thick, dark waves and curls, or sizzle with seductive, fiery red ringlets. We say bring it with bobs, bangs, braids, undercuts, and pompadours, because it’s all about celebrating the weekend with the perfect 4th of July hair that dazzles as brightly as any fireworks display.